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Aerial Photography and Videography with UAVs or drones is an absolute MUST in today’s competitive commercial and residential real estate markets. Let us take your project or listing to NEW HEIGHTS.
If you work in film or TV and are looking for aerial professionals who are highly experienced, then we can help you in making films.
The ability to view the earth from the air is a prerequisite for many types of surveying applications. We offer many different options or can custom build a shoot plan based on your individual needs..
Filming your athletics practice or games with our drone platforms will allow your staff to view from a different perspective with Aerial Photography and Videography footage. This is the future of aerial sports photography.
Allow our team of experts to build a Photography portfolio based on your specific needs. Contact us on our CONTACT page or submit your information using the FREE QUOTE tab and someone will contact you immediately.
Drones can hover and maneuver above capturing images and video of your SPECIAL EVENT or ceremony. Contact us today by using the CONTACT page or FREE QUOTE tab to submit your specific details.
Our CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY services provide you with a licensed UAV pilot that will provide aerial photography and videography services. Our clients use this to document their construction site progress and to provide future clients with their company’s abilities. Others use this to hold their subcontractor’s more accountable for project management capabilities from virtually anywhere you have an internet connection.
Maybe your event includes water activities that you want recorded, rather than unsteady photos or video being taken from a boat.
AERIAL DRONE FOOTAGE for travel and tourism events allow clients to see your resort, facility, golf course or warehouse capabilities before booking. We have experts to highlight your property details. Contact us today or use the FREE QUOTE tab to submit your information and someone will get back with you quickly with a no- hassle quote based on your specific needs.

Private Parties,
Ceremonies, Weddings

Aerial shots bring the garden or pool views into the image
Marriage photograph captured by drone
Beach view from drone

Travel Vlogs,
Commercials & Videos

Unique bird’s eye view can be a big plus for videos

Outside Venues,
Concerts, Festivals

Drones can deliver objects onto a stage – various requests
Festival view captured by drone

We Use Twin Engine With HD Camera
To Get The Best Results

The big standout-feature here is the 2.5 mile range.
That’s more than twice the range.
A drone is an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that is fitted with various equipment including photography and videography leverage agile frameworks.
These devices can hover and maneuver above your event capturing images and video of not just individuals iterative approaches to corporate strategy.
Our drone event services provide you with a skilled UAV pilot that will provide drone event photography or good videography a robust synopsis for high level.
Drone event videographers can record all the activities (in the water too) throughout the event and record from inaccessible foster collaborative proposition.
Get your hands on crisp aerial snapshots with our drone photography and videography services. Our certified drone pilots provide exquisite deliverables for all your projects, special events, and real estate aerial photography.

Jeffersontown, Ky USA



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